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Application Guidelines


The Foundation’s funds shall be utilized to improve the lives and future activities of individuals. The Foundation’s funds are not limited specifically to use for human beings nor must the use of the funds produce measurable results; therefore the Foundation’s funds may also be utilized for research. The emphasis will be on arts and education.

The Foundation’s funds shall not be utilized for the construction of new buildings or the additions, modifications, or enhancements of existing buildings. The Foundation’s funds shall not be utilized for political purposes.

The Foundation will only fund grants for use within the United States by organizations that have a 501c3 designation. These grants can be used on behalf of individuals (such as scholarships, projects, etc) Applications are welcomed from throughout the United States, but preference will be given to organizations within Lancaster County, NE or Ashland County, WI.

Applications should be submitted on-line at


Applications are due by September 1st of each year and may be submitted at any point prior to that deadline. We encourage any grant applications that fit the guidelines of our foundations as listed above. We will announce the winners of the application; whether directly with the grantees, on the foundation website, or both; after the deadline for submission and board review. Grants will not be provided off-cycle to maintain equal treatment across grant applications.

Maximum Application Amount: TBD

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